Added Value for Energy Projects

Trading Coal

Our GLOBAL ENERGY DIVISION has both, direct access to the leadings producer of coal from their assets in South America, Europe, Former Soviet Union and Africa; and it has direct access to the leading coal trading companies. WALTER SOLUTIONS itself is marketing coal to the world's industrial consumers and traders. Our Global Energy alliance has purchase contracts with the major coal and coke producers in Australia, South America, Indonesia, South Africa and Russia. On the other side we have purchase mandates from end users for the supplies of power utilities, steel mills, cement producers and chemical plants.

Thanks to its logistics and wide range of transport means and reliable sourcing, our coal trading team can provide high quality petroleum coke and steam coal. Our coal trading platform is providing a fast, effective and transparent route to the international physical and financial coal markets. Financial coal markets are also available on request.

WALTER SOLUTIONS ensures complete transparency for all coal deals. Firstly, our energy strategy alliance has defined a range of standardized coal quality specifications, which was then imbedded in standard trading agreements. Such a transparent contract of choice for the sale and purchase of seaborne thermal coal guarantees ideal transparency. Secondly, we use a robust methodology for coal price index calculation which is fully matching the leading benchmarks of the industry.

Coal is a fossil fuel and the largest source of energy for the generation of electricity worldwide. Coal is also used as a solid fuel to produce heat through combustion. Coal is extracted from the ground by mining, either underground or in open pits. The classification of coal is generally based on the content of volatiles. However, the exact classification varies between countries. According to the German classification, coal is classified as follows:

Name Volatiles % C Carbon % H Hydrogen % O Oxygen % S Sulfur % Heat content kJ/kg
(Flame coal)
(Gas flame coal)
(Gas coal)
(Fat coal)
(Forge coal)
(Non baking coal)
Percent by weight

According to the English classification we are trading mainly Metallurgical Coal, Petroleum Coke and Steam Coal.