Added Value for Energy Projects

Message from our Countertrade Director

Funding Infrastructure Projects through the insured Pre-Export of (Energy) Commodities

Dear Collateral Partner,

Our barter deals provide a strategic value for governmental project funding: our connections to oil and gas ministries as well as major energy companies enable us to provide collateral solutions for selected market partners. In the context of sometimes difficult funding, we can facilitate projects without bank instruments.

Also during the financial market crisis, we can make uneconomic or risky projects feasible. Through our collateral-secured counter trades with energy commodities such as oil, gas or coal we can operate without cash payments. In case a developing country wants to import energy commodities their embassy buildings, airplanes or ships abroad can be used as a security for our counter trade. Our barter deals secure new business for the suppliers involved. Collateral project finance has structures and requirements that differ from conventional funding:

  • The project funding does not require cash or any other financing instrument.
  • The proper transfer of secured collaterals neutralizes country risk and most other risks.
  • The right project constellation generates new business at significantly lower costs.
  • The collateral provider secures new markets and obtains major key account projects.
  • The advance delivery of the insured collateral can reduce project costs by 5 to 15%.

Our Collateral Trade Directive relies on strict standards as well as compliance policies that are monitored closely. Moreover, the Collateral Transparency Obligations Directive from WALTER SOLUTIONS applies internationally recognized guidelines. A confidential compliance process prior to the legal bilateral contracting ensures that legal, political and financial requirements for all involved are met completely. The realization of mega infrastructure projects generates the approval from voters and supports the reelection of governments.

For developing countries and emerging markets, collateral trades have significant importance for their economic growth. Barter deal strategies can mobilize vast amounts of financial capital embodied in collateral exchanges. Our collateral deals finance infrastructure with political and economic independency such as e.g.:

  • Gas liquefaction, shipping, and receiving terminals.
  • Onshore and offshore exploration and production.
  • Pipelines for the delivery of oil or gas.
  • Upgrading older power plants and refineries.
  • Building of sea ports, airports and motorways.
  • Implementation of wind and solar parks.
  • Electrification, mining, and water projects.

We will gladly support your funding projects with an added value chain that is able to create sustainable benefits. I am looking forward to answer any question you may have.