Added Value for Energy Projects

Verification of Requests and Offers

Our GLOBAL ENERGY DIVISION is a strategic joint venture partner for various concerns in the primary market. Moreover, we cooperate with a globally leading law firm and commodity bank and their compliance department. The transparency of the primary market normally does not require enhanced verification of trading or investment partners. By contrast, in the secondary oil and gas as well as coal market a solid evaluation of projects is essential for a successful trade procedure. In the secondary market numerous unqualified intermediaries and resellers are offering dubious approvals and requests. Most of the obscure trading options are a creative mixture of targeted distortion, unprofessional presentation and criminal intention. In such cases the named buyer or seller is normally without trading history and cannot transfer the common proofs and approvals.

Our Risk and Compliance Department cooperates only with big and therefore well known companies. If a seller or buyer is not known to us or our partners, we ask for a bank confirmation from a western prime bank. In addition, sellers have to present us with a reasonable proof of product and buyers are required to submit proof of funds. Furthermore, we need to be able to make a personal authentication of the beneficiary and an evaluation of the trading project. It is our procedure aim to only connect bank approved buyers and sellers as well as investors and projects.

All our clients are well known in the energy industry and have a tracking history generally longer than 15 years. Normally our customers operate with BNP Paribas (Switzerland), Commerzbank (Germany) or Credit Suisse (Switzerland). We assure that no brokers are between our GLOBAL ENERGY DIVISION and our trading partners. Moreover, our legal partner and his international compliance department confirms all parties involved according to the respective country regulations.

In the secondary oil and gas market numerous trade offers and purchase requests are not authentic. This is a reality because a lot of participants in this segment are more loyal to profitability as opposed to integrity. Special documents with a sender from Russia or China or the UAE often have expired validity or worse: The offers and requests have no real background. Often the self-appointed seller is not the legal owner of the offered commodity. That becomes obvious if the seller of the commodity asks for a transferable L/C. If the seller is truly the legal owner he does not need a transferable L/C. Only interim trader or brokers with a purchase option ask for a transferable bank instrument and go shopping with the good image of the real buyer. In many cases fake offers are issued from improvised companies.