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Global Forum for Oil and Gas

The World Petroleum Council's (WPC) main purpose is to catalyse and facilitate dialogue amongst internal and external stakeholders in global energy issues. The WPC provides management solutions to essential technical, social, environmental and management challenges. In doing so, the WPC will contribute towards sustainable growth for the benefit of mankind. The WPC does not take a position on the key issues facing oil and gas; but it provides a forum where the solutions to key challenges can be addressed.

The WPC was founded in London in 1933. It is an international, unbiased, non-political organization that provides a forum for global issues on energy and petroleum and related matters. The mandate of the WPC is to promote the management of the world's petroleum resources for the benefit of mankind. It aims to encourage the application of scientific advancements, technology transfer and the consideration of economic, financial and management. It also provides research information about environmental and social effects on petroleum issues.

Sixty National Committees currently comprise the decision-making body of the WPC representing over 95% of the world's major oil and gas producing and consuming nations. Both OPEC and non-OPEC countries participate in the World Petroleum Council. As a neutral forum, the WPC has been given United Nations accreditation. Every three years, the WPC organizes the World Petroleum Congress as the principal meeting place for a global discussion of oil and gas issues. Following a twelve month campaign period, one of the candidate countries is selected by its fellow Council members to host the next World Petroleum Congress.

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