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Profitable LNG Trading and Investment Solutions

Our GLOBAL ENERGY DIVISION promotes liquefied natural gas (LNG) sales and purchase opportunities for selected industry partners. Our experts have long-term experience as LNG supply and trading managers in various countries. Our LNG in-house desk has experience of structuring and completing large complex commercial deals in the pipeline gas and LNG business. That involves governments and as well as gas majors. We have direct access to all of the LNG producers and suppliers as well as LNG trading and shipping companies. Our independent status allows flexible conditions and secures successful fulfillment procedures in all aspects of the LNG trading chain.

Moreover, we are able to establish tailor-made portfolios of LNG supply contracts for all purchase regions and provide future trend reports. We are mandated by several gas majors, utilities and medium size gas companies to procure LNG for Spot- and long-term based contracts with improved conditions.

Our individual arbitrage audit covers the essential price drivers and assessments: benchmarks, (oil price) index-ation, geographical spreading, spot market availability/prices, reserves, extraction, production, consumption, terminal location, liquefication and regasification infrastructure, storage, (floating) pipeline, transportation, freight calculation, weather, seasonality, new markets, new trade routes, geo-politics and governmental relations.

We are identifying LNG trading opportunities and structure spot deals. Our experts have successfully transacted cargoes into Europe, the Far East and Asia. We also work with our client base on transactions involving the marketing of re-gas capacity, volume pooling, entry strategy and portfolio optimization. Our LNG desk also provides anonymous back-to-back-deals in order to secure purchase or sales flexibility in regulated markets.

In case you have interest in bank-approved investors for LNG infrastructure projects we can inform you in detail about various strategic project options. Furthermore we have direct access to various offshore projects for gas exploration and LNG production. Order our LNG Purchase Term Sheet if you are buyer and order our LNG Sales Term Sheet if you are a LNG supplier or trader. Our LNG Term Sheets have over 50 due diligence questions and clarify the essential parameters of a LNG Master Sale and Purchase Agreement with best practise advisory.

Generally used Conversion Factors of LNG

1 cubic meter liquid
1 million metric ton/annum
1 metric ton LNG
1 metric ton LNG
1000 cubic meter of gas
1 british thermal unit
600 cubic meter of gas
1420 cubic meter of gas
252 calories

MMSCMD stands for million standard cubic meters per day
MMBTU stands for million British thermal unit
MT stands for metric ton
MMTPA means million metric tons per annum