Added Value for Energy Projects

Our Company and Trading Profile

Summary: Our GLOBAL ENERGY DIVISION is trading petroleum products, petrochemicals, coal and LPG. And we are broking based on processing agreements crude oil and LNG. Our worldwide purchase and sale connections secure arbitrage advantages for selcted energy companies and ministries. We provide profitable solutions for exploration & production, refining & marketing as well as storage & shipping.

The offices of our energy strategy alliance are based in London, Geneva, Moscow, Lima, Dubai, Tripoli and Cape Town. Our head office in Hamburg can accommodate 17 people, and has a couple of flexible work places, where partners from other cities can log in. We secure energy projects with improved profitability. Please view our two minutes slide show explaining our added values.

History: The companies of the WALTER GROUP commenced their activities in 1992. WALTER SOLUTIONS was incorporated as the result of the merger of the WALTER GROUP in 2001. WALTER SOLUTIONS is a member of Trade Point Hamburg which operates in cooperation with the World Bank. The Trade Point Hamburg was initiated by the WTO and WTPF and is supported by UNCTAD. Our company is managed in accordance with German law.

Position: Our independent, privately-owned company is managed by the owner and energy economist Matthias Walter. Our GLOBAL ENERGY DIVISION has direct access to the purchase and sales interests of numerous major and national oil and gas companies. That includes the cooperation with refineries and state-owned trading companies. Reliability, diligence and honesty are the ethic maxims on which we base our work. We minimize business risks by working only with bank-approved suppliers and buyers - using a leading compliance and collateral funding system whenever appropriate.

Services: Together with our geological team we offer approved exploration and production projects with a revolving investment request amounting a few billion USD. In addition we provide investment brokerage for e.g. crude oil processing agreements, biofuel production as well as infrastructure projects. We develop customized energy solutions and reduce the time and cost exposure of our clients. Please view our company chart.

Banking: Some of our supply partners have a status as an 'Investment Services Provider'. This means that our Energy Strategy Alliance is able to offer its customers products and services in line with the highest banking standards: notably in terms of controlling risk and upholding best practices and precise compliance rules.

Management: We have long-standing experience in the upstream, midstream and downstream industry. Most of our managers and partners have been former executive personnel of oil and gas companies as well as refineries. We speak German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian. Most of our experts have more than 15 years of international experience with several majors of the industry.

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