Added Value for Energy Projects

Trading Oil and Products

Exploration and production is the resource of our business model. And trading is the engine of our core business. Energy in many different physical forms is our focus. Almost all of the activities of our GLOBAL ENERGY DIVISION are linked to trading - including refining, marketing, shipping, and storage. Our expert access to relevant market information secures the best project results for our supply and purchase partners. Global arbitrage strategies have been our strength and enabled improved purchase prices for our clients. Our clients enjoy our arbitrage benefits when we realize opportunities arising from market imbalances.

We love challenging projects and deliver intelligent solutions for complex projects. Because the more difficult a nich market is the less players participate. We focus our nich arbitrage activities based on a regional and global coordination of the parameters macro and micro trends, regional demand, product request, quality and quantity. Our traders understand e.g. how snow and ice and increased heating demand in the last Russian winter had an impact on the supply of Mazut to Asia. Our trading desk understands the new orientation of Russia in the Asian markets and their pricing models in the regions affected by cheap shale gas. Our analysts have in-depth understanding about the energy policies of each country and consider also climate change effects regarding our shipping and storage activities.

Our arbitrage yield is a result of our trading intelligence regarding the ongoing imbalances in the markets. That includes the first and second and also third generation biofuel market. That also covers effects on the oil and gas market triggered through wind and solar energy production in e.g. Europe.

Our energy alliance partners have more than 100 of ship voyages per annum and over 21 ships at sea day and night for the whole year. Our trading and brokerage activities cover the following energy commodities plus petrochemicals as by-products on request.