Added Value for Energy Projects

Breakthrough Airborne Exploration Technology

Our GLOBAL ENERGY DIVISION provides world class professional exploration services for oil and gas as well as unconventional resources. We carry out state-of-the-art exploration and production activities with selected energy companies and ministries. We provide a fundamentally new basis for search and prognosis of hydrocarbons deposits globally. Our pre-project study leads to a significant cost and time reduction on the first stage of geological survey works. That reduces also later seismic and wildcat works enormously.

Our industry game changer simplifies complex analysis and provides internationally more exact exploration data. Furthermore we provide full transparency for hardly reachable areas, which have been closed for traditional geophysical methods so far. Our geochemical aircraft surveys identify multiple facts of anomalies and halos in oil and gas fields. That leads to a revelation of oil-and-gas bearing deposits deep structure indicators. The complex use of our high-tech methods guarantees efficient apply for the spatial-and-probability prediction of hydrocarbon accumulations. We improve system planning of geological works on different stages of search enormously, using real-time database information.

Onshore Exploration: Our exploration method is approved through several studies with an accuracy of up to 87% since 2003. The new exploration system is locating and contour mapping hydrocarbons. The approach is using a technique involving the integrated processing of multi-zone data with varying degrees of generalization. Our exploration method concerns part of imaging technology used while obtaining data from airborne scanner. The main point of method is increasing of spatial resolution of images in one spectrum range with low hardware resolution. This happens with aid of another spectrum range images with better resolution and by precise overlaying of images. The technology is based on several patents with confirmations since 2004.

The under-laying physics of the method is based on the established geo-chemical principal of the migration of hydrocarbon fluence and their influences of the existing landscape. It is also based on the analysis of the thermal field which is related to the sphere of thermodynamics of open systems and the theory of information. The geochemical basics are known by Geochemistry Union Scientific-Research Institute since the 60ties.

The thermo-field analysis is based on the geo-chemical principal that the field temperature changes when boundaries are crossed. Our clients get an end product which is a digital geo-information system in the form of a advanced digitizer with 2D and 3D results. The presented images of hydrocarbons have two categories: a.) high probability of discovery, and b.) adequate probability of discovery. The onshore study can be done within three to six months depending on the complexity of data and its interpretation. The flight scanning happens within one or two days. Kindly request a video presentation of our onshore services.

Offshore Exploration: Our marine airborne technology and its approach can be presented in a personal briefing. Our offshore approach leads to a significant cost and time reduction for the complete exploration phase. At the same time accuracy is significantly improved. The offshore oil and gas resources audit and its interpretation takes only a few weeks with a fixed deadline.

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