Added Value for Energy Projects

Trading Electricity with natural Synergies

Our GLOBAL ENERGY DIVISION and our power alliance have access to leading electricity companies and power stations in selected countries. We are able to countertrade power by supplying energy commodities in exchange for electricity on request: We are able to countertrade power against fuels, LNG, coal and/or petroleum coke. Our power traders transport power cross-border and improve the economics of our customers. In addition our countertrades enable us to get better pricing and compensate the volatility of demands and prices.

We are using the natural synergy with our existing trading and brokerage activities in natural gas, coal and carbon emissions. By combining our market access and interrelated supply chains we are able to offer a full range of multi-commodity management solutions. We offer holistic commodity purchase solutions to power plant owners, utilities and industrial users, generators, power traders and suppliers. That enables us to combine the synergies of spot and long-term commodity contracts with an individual optimization of the non-regulated gas and power business. This entails gas procurement, transport, including LNG pooling for selected terminals and storage strategies. Our clients use us as an added value interface between the global wholesale markets for energy and energy-related raw materials. In addition we have direct access to renewable energy projects in selected countries.

Our power alliance has developed physical trading options and positions throughout Europe. And use the added values of our countertrades: All raw materials which are needed for power and heat production, specially gas, coal, oil, biomass, belong to our core business.

We understand the relationship between conventional and renewable power as well as electricity and fuel. Our power analysts identify solar, wind, hydro and nuclear power supply trends and generate inter-related synergies. We leverage our insights with an innovative power-trading software in the day-ahead markets in Europe. View our renewables section at