Added Value for Energy Projects

Selected and approved Premium Investment Energy Projects

Our GLOBAL ENERGY DIVISION is a gateway to alternative energy investments. We enable selected investors to participate in feasible projects that focus on a wide range of energy production. Our international investment opportunities cover currently e.g. the following energy engagements.

Our AAA bank-approved investments are funding ...
  • selected oil and gas exploration and production globally.
  • oil and gas onshore and offshore infrastructure projects.
  • refinery, pipeline, storage or (LNG) Terminal projects.
  • crude oil and petroleum product processing trades.
  • energy company' mergers and share acquisitions.
  • oil fields and gas as well as coal fields take over.
  • offshore and onshore wind parks.
  • waste to plasma gasification plants.

We perform two primary services: a.) we obtain investments from energy companies and ministries as well as funds and individuals who want to get directly engaged in alternative energy projects; and b.) we research and manage the development of these projects that have a high performance potential and create high returns for our investors.

To ensure that we maintain a relationship of trust with all of our investors, we employ an international banking platform that provides world-class financial security for all of the funds invested in the projects of our market partners. Moreover, we cooperate with a globally leading law firm which provides bankable compliance, in-depth audits and tailor-made contracting. It is our mission to meet the world's need for clean energy by identifying investment opportunities that will be profitable, sustainable, and rewarding. We want you to be a part of these opportunities and invite you to explore our global energy investment options listed above. Whether you are a private, corporate, or institutional investor, you will find the right alternative energy investment opportunity with us.

Even with our extensive and productive portfolio of projects, our interest in new opportunities is ongoing. We are continually reviewing new energy investment projects, as well as seeking new accredited investors to partner with. If you are a project developer, owner or investor, please contact us for an individual presentation. Our energy investment portfolio with projects in South America, West Africa, Middle East, Russia and Europe has a volume of currently 14.5 billion USD.

Our GLOBAL ENERGY DIVISION offers turnkey investment solutions from a single source and coordinates a network of expert consultants for all business segments. Our project management links investors and project developers on the road to a sound investment for all legal, technical and financial requirements.

We take direct responsibility for selected projects from the initial planning stage to the start of operations. As an investor you will receive investment offers properly matched to your needs. At the request of the investor, we can also advise in the collateral financing of energy projects in developing countries. You will get further information via the navigation button 'Collateral' above.